TCBY’s Silk Vanilla Almond Frozen Yogurt

TCBY's Silk Vanilla Almond Frozen Yogurt |

When I was a kid, hopping into the family car with my parents and making the short drive to the nearest TCBY was one of my favorite treats.  Stark, bright interior, maddeningly sweet smell.  I don’t even remember what I used to order (my money is on something vanilla with lots of sprinkles), but it was heaven for a six-year old.

Most frozen yogurt shops these days serve a number of vegan-friendly, fruity sorbets, but vegans are usually out of luck when it comes to something more classic, like vanilla or chocolate fro-yo.  TCBY has partnered with Silk to change that.  Last year they brought us chocolate almond frozen yogurt and now they’ve added vanilla to the mix!  When they offered to send a gift card to try the Silk vanilla almond frozen yogurt, I gladly accepted.

TCBY hasn’t jumped on the self-serve bandwagon.  Instead, you order the old fashioned way and the staff creates the treat for you.  I had them top my yogurt with strawberries, almonds and peanuts (my favorite!) and Erik opted for a smorgasbord of toppings, including raspberries and Oreos.  As you can see, they don’t skimp.

TCBY's Silk Vanilla Almond Frozen Yogurt |

So enjoyable! It’s sweet with a hint of nuttiness from the almond milk.  The texture isn’t as creamy as the average frozen yogurt or non-dairy ice cream — it has a tactile texture that is slightly icy — but it is still a fun, cool treat, and one that I’d be happy to have again.

Not all locations serve the vanilla almond (or chocolate) at all times, so be sure to call ahead.  If they have enough demand, they’ll serve it.

What’s your favorite fro-yo topping?

I was provided with the product to review, but my opinions are completely my own.



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    How fun that you were able to try out the new Frozen yogurt! After I heard the announcement, I went to their website to see if there were any TCBY locations in the state. There is one, and it’s clear on the other side of the state. So I’ll have to keep an eye out when I’m traveling instead.

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    I also used to go to TCBY all the time when I was younger, but now there is only one and it’s about 25 minutes away. However, if I had a gift card I would SO go check them out for the vegan frozen yogurt. It’s one thing I really miss since going vegan. And for the record, my favorite was chocolate vanilla twist with sprinkles, all the way…

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