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Hello, everyone!  How have you been? It’s been two months since I announced I was taking a break.  I did miss it, but I’m so glad I took the time to step away.  With everything going on with work and life in general, and then all the self-imposed pressure I placed on myself and this blog, I needed a break to refocus.

Last year I read a lot about what successful bloggers do.  In the midst of trying to create, photograph, write, post, publicize (and do it all on a frequent and consistent schedule) I began compulsively checking traffic, scheduling my day around the best light to photograph a dish, trying to tweet X number of times per day, etc.  Blogging is a time-consuming process — which is fine, because I enjoy it — but with all the pressure I was needlessly placing on myself, it became overwhelming.

Although I knew this, over the course of my break it really sunk in:  it. doesn’t. matter.  What does it matter whether I have 100 readers/followers or 100,000?  What does it matter whether I post every few days or every few weeks?  What does it matter that I don’t have a fancy camera or photo editing software?  What does it matter that…you get the point.

I am passionate about advocating on behalf of the animals and making the vegan lifestyle more accessible to others.  That’s what matters to me.

Last Tuesday it was like a switch went off and I was ready to return.  That evening, I logged in for the first time since December to look at changes I wanted to make to the site, and I’ve been working here and there to implement them.  I’ve cleaned up the site a bit, made changes to my mobile theme so that it more closely resembles what you see when viewing the site on a computer and updated the recipe index.

And now, I feel ready and excited to get back to it and create new content to share.  It will be on my schedule — I might get really excited about a topic and have time to post several times in one week, and there may be times when my schedule means I go weeks without a post — and I’m ok with that.  No pressure.  No rules.  I’d rather take the extra time to produce quality content.

Thank you so much for hanging around, and for all the kind notes and emails these last couple of months.  I am genuinely happy to be back and am excited about the future!  ❤️


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    I’m really excited to see you back! Sometimes taking time away is the best thing to do. It sounds like you got a lot out of it and I can’t wait to see what that will bring here. :)

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    So happy to have you back! I’ll always follow along since I subscribe to your posts and always love them. :) As a fellow blogger (who’s also had to fall out and take a break because of the self-imposed pressure) I totally understand about the frenetic spiral you felt you got sucked into. I’m really happy to hear you’re taking such a mature and healthy approach to it now. Good for you! After all, it should be fun! And veganism in particular is all about being healthy and happy and whole. :)

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    Thanks for your honesty in this post. I think you named a lot of things that bloggers struggle with – some that are very hard to admit. I’m always trying to take the self imposed pressure off but am rarely successful at it. Thanks for the good reminders.

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      Hi Sarah, thanks for the note. I debated whether to post it, but I wanted to provide some sort of explanation for my long absence. And, honestly, it felt really good to write it out and hit publish. It’s good to know I’m not the only one that has struggled with these things. After being “back” for only a day, I’m realizing that I’ll have to keep reminding myself not to fall into old habits — it isn’t worth it.


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