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Here we are at the end of another year.  Yesterday I posted the top 10 posts of 2013.  If you haven’t yet had a chance, check them out here (and enter to win a giveaway for The Peanut Shop while you’re at it!).

I hope you all are enjoying the holiday season!  They changed our vacation policy at work to use-it-or-lose it, so I had a ton of vacation time I had to use up this year.  I’ve been off since the week before Christmas,  trying to squeeze in the last of it, and it has been sooo nice!  We’ve had good weather to enjoy (and some snow and freezing temps, too), and have been having a lot of fun reading (a long lost hobby!), going to a KC Chiefs game and the movies (Saving Mr. Banks and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty — I recommend them both!) and just spending time together and with friends and family.

I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of our Christmas dinner, but we tried the Tofurky Roast for the first time.  We topped it with my favorite rich brown gravy from Vegan Diner, and I was really impressed!  This may be our go-to for the holidays we don’t go homemade.

On the way home from Christmas dinner, I did manage to get a picture of my most favorite Christmas tree (if you can call it that).  Out in the middle of an otherwise barren field to the side of the highway is this lone tree, covered in more lights than I’ve ever seen on a single tree.  We pulled off the highway to get a closer look, and it was just magical! :)

Tree with Lights |

In other news, you may recall when I raved about Ellovi’s Body Butter last month.  Well, they just expanded their line and introduced Lip Butter.  Just like the body butter, it is made with a short list of ingredients that you can recognize (Hawaiian coconut, sunflower, hemp, macadamia, Ghanaian marula, and shea), and it keeps your lips super soft!  It’s only $5 (with free shipping!).  I can’t wait to see what else Ellovi comes up with.

Ellovi Lip Butter |

In August, I wrote about the documentary Blackfish.  It’s now available for streaming on Netflix, so be sure to check it out if you subscribe.  Blackfish tells the story of Tilikum, one of SeaWorld’s killer whales.  It is powerful and moving, and it has an important message that I think will resonate with a lot of people, many who will think twice going forward about supporting organizations such as SeaWorld.

I can’t resist sharing one of my Christmas gifts with you all.  Check out this shirt!  It’s from Colleen Patrick-Goudreau’s Compassionate Cook shop, and I’ve wanted one ever since I first saw.  I love the simplicity and positivity of the message.  I’ve been proudly wearing it most days since Christmas.  I didn’t even mind spending several afternoons shopping (something I normally despise) because it meant a chance to wear the shirt in public. :)

Joyful Vegan Shirt |

Finally, while on vacation over Thanksgiving, I came to the realization that I need to find a better work/life/blog balance.  I work full-time outside of the blog, and I really feel that I need to take a little time to pause and readjust.  The start of a new year feels like the perfect time.  So, I am going to take a brief break from blogging.  I don’t plan to be gone long — I love it too much — but have decided to take off the month of January (and maybe February, too).  But then I’ll be back…so don’t go anywhere!  If you subscribe via RSS or email (see the sidebar), you will be notified as soon as my next post goes live.  I’ll still be around on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, so you can connect with me there in the meantime.  Thanks for your understanding, and I’ll see you in 2014!

Happy New Year, everyone!  ::cheers::

What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness?
-Jean Jacques Rousseau

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    Super cute t-shirt! I love the color. Have any strangers talked to you about it when they see you wearing it?

    Enjoy your break! I’ll look forward to catching up with your blog in February or March!

    • says

      Thanks! No one has said anything yet, but I know people have been reading it. One interesting thing, is that wearing the shirt really puts me out there, publicly, as a face of veganism, and that keeps me on my best behavior. :) I’m generally a very happy person and always try to be kind, etc., but it makes me more cognizant than I would have otherwise been (if that makes sense).

      • says

        That’s so funny, Bobbie! I had the exact same experience. Several years ago when I was living in LA and spending lots of time on the freeway, I got a Joyful Vegan bumper sticker. It was way too much pressure! I felt like if I honked at someone, it was a reflection on vegans and veganism. Or if I honked I wondered if the other driver would think, “Wow, if that’s a JOYFUL vegan, I’d hate to see what the non-joyful ones are like!” ;)

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