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Epic Food Company - Wilmington, North Carolina | thevegancrew.com

While on vacation, we mostly spent our days chilling by the water.  We were a half hour drive from Wilmington, North Carolina, however, where the USS North Carolina Battleship is docked.  All the guys in the group wanted to tour the ship, so we got up early one morning and headed that way.

Afterward, we stopped off for lunch at EPIC Food Co. before driving back to the beach.  We found the restaurant on Happy Cow and though it wasn’t near downtown Wilmington like we were hoping (we originally wanted to eat near the water — our bad for not looking at a map), it was definitely worth the short drive.

Hearing that Epic was surf-shack-esque, I fully anticipated the decor to be kitschy (think Cheeseburgers in Paradise), but it actually had a pleasant, minimalistic design that was bright and open.

You can choose an Epic Quick Pick — such as a Zen Brown Rice Bowl, Hawaiian Salad or Padang Flatbread — or you can build your own by choosing (1) your base (regular or lettuce wrap, rice or rice noodle bowl, flatbread, or mixed greens), (2) your protein (pressed tofu), (3) your “good stuff” (a varied assortment of veggies) and (4) your sauce.  You also have your pick of sautéed veggies, Chinese fruit or house-made sweet potato chips for a side.


Epic Food Company - Menu | thevegancrew.com

Erik enjoyed the Epic Pacifica Wrap, a spinach wrap stuffed with tofu, smokey black beans (amazing flavor!), pico de gallo, brown rice, red cabbage and chili jam with a side of sweet potato chips.  The chips were intentionally on the softer, chewier side, and left me (and Erik) wishing that I had ordered my own.

Epic Food Company - Epic Pacifica Wrap | thevegancrew.com

I opted for the Epic Taj Noodle Bowl, full of tofu, cherry tomatoes, sautéed veggies, benne bok choy, cucumbers, broccoli stalks, rice noodles and carrot curry dressing (plus a generous slathering of Sriracha – added post-pic) with a side of more sautéed veggies.

Epic Food Company - Epic Taj Noodle Bowl | thevegancrew.com

What stood out for both of us was the freshness and vibrancy of our meals.  They felt light, yet they were immensely flavorful and left us feeling satisfied; making them perfect pre-beach meals.

Epic Food Co. is located at 1113-F Military Cutoff Road, Wilmington, North Carolina.


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