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Hello, everyone!  I’m a week behind, but I want to share about this cool, little restaurant we discovered last week. Last Sunday we met up with my parents for a late lunch.  Wanting to branch out from our usual pizza joint, we tried a new place I stumbled across online that morning:  J.  Bean’s Restaurant and Gathering Place.

J.Bean's Gathering Place | thevegancrew.com

J. Bean’s, named after the owners’ daughter, Jillian (nicknamed Jilly Bean), opened about a year and a half ago in the New Longview neighborhood of Lee’s Summit.  I got my AA at Longview, but it had been several years since I had been back.  What used to be a small college campus surrounded by a massive expanse of fields and openness was unrecognizable.  It’s like a small village appeared out of no where — small businesses, shops, restaurants, apartments.  What I wouldn’t have given to have had this area across the street to pick up a few things or to grab a bite to eat with friends between classes!  Especially a casual restaurant with inexpensive but tasty eats and super friendly staff like J. Bean’s.

Their menu is filled with a lot of your standard American fare, such as burgers, sandwiches and salads.  What sets it apart is that they make virtually everything from scratch, from the house veggie burger all the way down to the dressings.  The staff is very knowledgeable about all ingredients and methods used.  And, because everything is made from scratch, they can easily — and are very willing to — customize most items on their menu to make them vegan-friendly.  They also offered to make a special off-the-menu dish.  They aim to please!

We started with the hummus platter, which came with red pepper hummus, black bean hummus, tomato relish, an olive tapenade and crostini.  They sometimes toast their breads with butter, so be sure to ask them to use olive oil instead.  The black bean hummus had too much cilantro for my tastes (to be fair, with limited exceptions, I’m a member of the not-a-fan-of-cilantro club), but all other components were fantastic.  In fact, I would have been perfectly content to munch on the hummus platter and forgo the entrée.

J.Bean's Gathering Place - Hummus Platter | thevegancrew.com

But of course I didn’t. ;)  Did I mention that this was my birthday weekend?  During the two previous days, I had loaded up on pizza, cake, cookies, nachos and more.  By Sunday I was in the mood for something light and full of fresh veggies, and their veggie stacker sandwich fit the bill.  It’s a simple sandwich stacked with grilled zucchini, squash, a portabella mushroom, eggplant and spinach and topped with more of their wonderful olive tapenade and tomato relish (it usually comes with goat cream cheese, which you can omit or replace with avocado or hummus).  And those sweet potato fries?  Loved ’em!  So crispy and flaky on the outside and soft and sweet on the inside.

J.Bean's Gathering Place - Veggie Stacker | thevegancrew.com

Erik went for their veggie burger (surprise, surprise!  as long-time readers know, if a veggie burger is on the menu, chances are that is what he orders), double-decker and BBQ-style.  Their burger is rice-based, and it is very good and very filling.

J.Bean's Gathering Place - Veggie Burger | thevegancrew.com

J. Bean’s is perfect for a fun, low-key meal, and I look forward to returning and trying more of their menu.

You can find J. Bean’s at 3365 SW Fascination Dr., Lee’s Summit, MO.  Be sure to check out their website to catch their daily specials, such as $5 appetizers and burgers (veggie burger included) and happy hour drink prices on Sundays — what a steal!

Have you discovered any new restaurants lately?


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    It’s always great when you come across a knowledgeable staff who knows their menu and when they make things from scratch, making it easier to veganize items. Everything you had looks really delicious! I bet I’d love that cilantro-heavy hummus since I fall into the cilantro love camp. I may be visiting Kansas City this summer. Perhaps I’ll have time to check it out while I’m there!

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      It’s so nice to be able to work with staff that really knows their menu. I loved when I called and the chef told me, “we can make almost anything on the menu vegan for you.” Many restaurants will point to the one or two items that can be tweaked (which is still nice, for sure, but it is always great to have more options). If you love cilantro, you’d probably love the black bean hummus!

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