Main Squeeze Natural Foods Café & Juice Bar

We gave up cable a few years ago.  I think it was a fantastic decision and have no desire to ever go back.  Erik mostly agrees — except for when it comes to sports.  Mainly college football.  He’s a big college football fan and an especially big Pitt fan.  Watching the few games available online using his tiny netbook just doesn’t cut it when he could be watching them on a large, HD screen.

When Pitt played Notre Dame last weekend while we were in Chicago, he somehow managed to avoid all score talk so that we could stop off and watch the recorded game at my parents’ place on our way home.  As a small token of appreciation, we stopped off in Columbia, Missouri, to see if we could find a little treat to take to them.  What we found was a cheery and eclectic café near the MU campus, Main Squeeze Natural Foods Café and Juice Bar.

Main Squeeze Natural Foods Café and Juice Bar | © the vegan crew |

Main Squeeze boasts an entirely vegetarian and largely vegan/veganizable menu.  Salads, sandwiches and wraps, as well as a number of hot dishes, breakfast items, juices, smoothies and desserts round out the menu.  Though it’s priced much higher than most meals I ate as a student, when ramen noodles and pizza reigned supreme, I think it would have been wonderful to have had a place like this near campus when I was in school.  Perhaps I would have made better meal choices, even if only occasionally. :)

For my parents we snagged the last massive chocolate mudslide cupcake.  Doesn’t it look fantastic?  We didn’t get a taste but heard that it was a winner!

Main Squeeze Chocolate Mudslide Cupcake | © the vegan crew |

We couldn’t help but try a few things for ourselves.  To go with our leftovers from Karyn’s Cooked, we split an amazing Hail the Kale salad featuring wide ribbons of kale, quinoa, peppers, tempeh bacon, dried cherries and (entirely too many) red onions (we dumped most of them before digging in) and topped with a green goddess dressing.  This hearty salad could have been a meal in itself.

Main Squeeze Hale the Kale Salad | © the vegan crew |

For dessert we shared a tasty “21st century carob chip” cookie and Erik also enjoyed a peanut butter and carob “calico ball,” which I would have shared with him if it weren’t for the coconut and honey.

Main Squeeze 21st Century Carob Chip Cookie and Calico Ball | © the vegan crew |

I’m so glad we found Main Squeeze; it’ll be the perfect way to brighten the normally drab drive between Kansas City and St. Louis in the future.  They really like to take their time (it may have also just been an off day when we visited), but if you are in the area or driving through and have a little time to spare, stop in for a fresh and tasty meal or juice.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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      We really liked the tiny taste of the menu we had. We normally try to pack all of our food for the road, but I’d love to stop in for a quick meal or a juice the next time we drive through. Thanks for sharing your link!

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    Columbia is such a cool small town! We went to Main Squeeze about a year ago on our way through the area. We ate there a couple of times, and I would go again. However, I found the food to be on the bland side. To me, it was the kind of food that people think of when they think “health food.” Not bad, but not many spices, just kind of plain. I did enjoy their wheatgrass shot quite a bit, though!

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      Oh, that’s too bad. A little spice can go a long way in transforming a meal. Other than the salad, which was flavorful, we only had desserts, so we didn’t pick up on it.

      I’ve never spent any significant time in Columbia — in fact this was my first time to even stop there in nearly ten years — but I thought the downtown area was really cute. It seemed like a pretty lively area, too.

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