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EmmaBee's Local Vegan Doughnuts Kansas City keeps moving up in the vegan scene.  I’m very excited to introduce you to its newest addition, EmmaBee’s Locally Baked Vegan Doughnuts!  EmmaBee’s cake doughnuts are an homage to KC’s ever growing vegan community.  Baked in small batches at the SoHo Bakery with locally sourced ingredients, you can find EmmaBee’s doughnuts at The Filling Station Coffee Garage and Station Coffee locations, and at the BadSeed Friday night farmer’s market.

We got up early last Saturday morning with plans to enjoy a leisurely morning at the Filling Station Coffee Garage, noshing on doughnuts and sipping a juice.  It’s a 25 minute drive, so I called ahead to make sure they had the doughnuts, but at 8 am, they were nearly sold out.  I then called Station Coffee, and they had only one left.  But it was Emily B. of EmmaBee’s who answered the phone.  We had been corresponding the previous week over facebook and she very graciously offered for me to stop by the bakery early this week to pick up a couple.

EmmaBee's Doughnuts - Chocolate Almond and Peach Blackberry | © the vegan crew | www.thevegancrew.com

Monday afternoon I took a quick break from work to drive to the bakery, where Emily had a peach blackberry doughnut and a chocolate almond doughnut waiting for me.  As they sat on my desk that afternoon, I kept peaking in, tempted to eat them right then and there.  They looked and smelled so good!  Somehow I managed to wait until I got home so Erik could get a taste as well.

Definitely worth the wait.  Both had a nice, dense texture (just look below), and I appreciated that they weren’t overly sweet.  I really liked the unique, delicate peach flavor with the fresh blackberry, though it could have been just a tad bit more moist.  The chocolate almond had a fantastic light flavor, just like the classic chocolate glazed doughnuts I had years ago, and it was perfect paired with a glass of soy milk!

EmmaBee's Doughnuts - Peach Blackberry | © the vegan crew | www.thevegancrew.com

Erik thought the only way the doughnuts could have been “better” was if they had actual holes in them, but I think it gives you more doughnut to enjoy. :)

EmmaBee’s doughnuts are currently baked and delivered each Monday, Wednesday and Friday (with the largest batches on Friday).  Emily is continually coming up with new flavor combinations, including “adult” doughnuts such as maple bourbon and hard cider (a partial list is available on the website).  Stop by The Filling Station Coffee Garage or Station Coffee, or the BadSeed Market, to snag one for yourself.  Be sure to get there early, because these treats go fast!


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    i squeal everytime a new vegan business opens up or some business starts offering a good number of vegan options! yay for these delicious doughnuts!

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    Hi there! I found your blog by joining VeganMOFO for the first time!! I’m very new to the world of veganism, and I’m so excited – especially now that I’ve seen the goodies here. I had no idea vegan baking could look so good. I can practically taste those donuts through the screen ^~

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      Hi Stephanie, and welcome to the wonderful world of veganism (and heavenly vegan baked goods)! Vegan MoFo is great, and the community it build is even better. Have fun with it!

      PS. I’d happily send one of the donuts to you through the screen if I could :)

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