Succotash and other birthday eats

My birthday was last Friday–yes, Friday the 13th.  Since I was born on Friday the 13th, I’ve always considered it to be good/lucky day, and I was excited about my birthday landing on it again this year.

My parents took us to Genghis Grill on Thursday for a celebratory dinner (thank you!).  Even though I didn’t snag any pictures, I thought it worth mentioning because it is my favorite Mongolian barbeque joint.  They have so many more options–more veggies, more sauces, more starches–than most others.  As far as non-veg restaurants go, it’s hard to get any more veg-friendly than Mongolian barbeque.  I loved Genghis Grill’s downtown KC location, but earlier this year they relocated to Overland Park.  You’ll find them in the shopping center behind Whole Foods on 119th.  If you get a chance, definitely stop in.

Erik and I both took Friday off and had a birthday lunch at Succotash, a cute and eclectically-decorated bruncheonette located on the edge of downtown KC.  Open daily until mid-afternoon, Succotash serves brunch all day and has a lunch menu that is available during select hours–they offer a handful of vegan options on both menus.  I was glad we went at lunchtime because it gave us the opportunity to sample both their bunch and lunch menus.

Succotash - Kansas City

I ordered the Vegan Kitchen Sink.  You can’t see all the layers, but it consisted of succotash, roasted peppers, onions, portabella mushrooms, Lima bean hummus, spinach and tomatoes all atop a bed of home-style fries–everything but the kitchen sink.  It was a messy dish (once I dug in), but oh, so delicious!  I should have been able to get two meals out of it, but I just couldn’t stop eating–it’s ok though because I’m pretty sure stuff like that doesn’t count on your birthday…right? ;)

Vegan Kitchen Sink from Succotash Restaurant - Kansas City

From the lunch menu, Erik got the wonderful Vegan Deelite, a spinach wrap filled with many of the same ingredients: succotash, caramelized onions, spinach, roasted peppers, succotash, Lima bean hummus and walnuts.  It came with their daily side, a simple vegan pasta salad–he says it’s the best he’s ever had, and I agree, it was pretty good!–and he also ordered a side of fries (not pictured).

Vegan Deelite and Pasta Salad from Succotash Restaurant - Kansas City

The sun popped out during lunch, so afterward we made our way to KC’s City Market.  It was gorgeous out and we had a great time walking through the market, filling up on produce and spices.  This is where we should always do our shopping–we purchased a monster bag of produce and spices for less than $10!  Hanging out down there completely revived my interest in moving downtown one day.  Having easy access to this 365 days a year?  I could live with that.

Kansas City - City Market - Farmer's Market

Because I’m the only baker in our house, we let Mud Pie do the honors on Friday.  They never disappoint.  Unable to choose between chocolate and vanilla, we got both.  Both were gluten-free, and no one would know the difference.  I think the vanilla was made with corn meal, and it had a slightly heavier and less sweet flavor.  Still good, but not as great as the chocolate cupcake that was light and sweet and rich–everything you’d expect from a decadent birthday treat.

Mud Pie Gluten-Free Vanilla and Chocolate Cupcakes

A good (and tasty) day, indeed!


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    It looks like you had a wonderful birthday! I’ve got to try Succotash the next time I’m in KC. It looks super cute! As you suggested, all birthday treats have zero calories. I’m pretty sure I read that in Fitness or Shape or The Pretty Stories I Tell Myself Magazine. After all, if you can’t indulge on your birthday, when can you?

    We walked around the City Market the last time we were in town. I didn’t realize it’s open every day. How very cool! There weren’t a ton of vendors when we were there, but I’m sure it’s because it was February. There also wasn’t a lot of organic produce available. Does that change in the warm weather months?

    Again, I’m glad you had such a lovely and delicious birthday!!

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      Pretty Stories–that’s the one! Thanks for confirming that my information is based on highly scientific sources–I feel especially good about that second cupcake now ;)

      I think you’d really enjoy the vibe at Succotash. The selection at the City Market varies depending on the season and the day, but you should have better luck during the warmer seasons.

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